Fenwicks Newcastle Elf reading experience- Books

76 Scenic clouds for Selfridges Christmas 2021

Great Ormond street Hospital charity collaboration with Hamleys

I assisted with the sculpting of this polystyrene giant stocking, going on to spray and finish the piece with a stencil I created of the famous logo and other freehand painting.

Fenwicks Grotto scenic wood beams (2021)

This effect was created using Idenden and brushing and combing areas to build up layers of splits and realistic wood texture.

Moulin Rouge theatre show set- Souvenir Studios

Piped Painters Mate grout to build texture on metal frame works, 3 x 4m heart frames. Aged gold paint effects layering yellow ochre, Red, lemon gold and aged gold. Gold leaf applied.

Hand piped elephant design, gold painted, gold leafed and bejewelled.

Gold cherubs

Aged gold effect fiberglassed cherubs, multiple sponged gold layers and golf leaf applied.

John Lewis Christmas- 2 Large Lego house replica models

Sculpted icicles blocks, pink swirls, assembly of over 200 pieces per house

Selfridges Christmas windows 2020

Chandelier made from hand threaded individual bead strings. Flocked pink trees x3. Red ribbons wall panels. Gold leaf over welded palm leaf shapes.

Monopoly Losers Edition- Visual merchandising display for Hasbro

I sculpted various items from high density foam and used a mix of hand painting and spraying to finish them.

Beauty and the Beast theatre show

Plaster moulds were made from birch bark and then latex casts taken to attach to the frame work of this well to make a realistic tree effect, which was then emphasised by the paint work. Rope bindings were used at lashings dressing.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theatre show scenery: San Francisco and Toronto

Wide range of sets textured, wood grain, metal work effect, painted, aged and gilded.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child -Hamburg theatre paint call

Back to the Future- Theatre show scenery

Under the sea ball scene; acrylic shapes, fibreglass painted fish and whole set dressed with large nets. Poly carved ‘hay bale’ wall structure covered in handmade straw matting.

Alexander McQueen- charity dinner installation display

4x 20 meter table top displays made for the Sarabande charity event held at Barclay square. Made from mixed media and layered cardboard shapes, welded to large steel framework.

&Juliet theatre show, floor paint call

‘Frozen’ Bridge -Theatre show London

Moulded plastic was shaped to cover the backs of icicles and to conceal the joins, glitter and paint applied to the whole bridge and flocking was used to highlight snowy areas and give them a fresh snow flurry feel.

Hamley’s TY Christmas windows 2019

Half sized carousel horse designed and sculpted by me from Celotex, fiberglassed; then painted and finished with a gloss spray.

Giant fibreglass mince pie for Ted Baker London Christmas party

3 metre mince pie carved from polystyrene, the polystyrene was then sealed and fiberglassed then cut away and the polystyrene cut out to leave the shell which was bolted back together, sanded and painted.

Polycarved cloud for Ted Baker Paris store

Large cloud carved from polystyrene with templates of the building pre cut. The cloud was covered in a snow blanket and dressed with other small props. December 2018

Flowers hearts for Lindt x6

Large steel frames covered in silk flowers for chocolate retailer- Lindt, displayed in Bluewater, Manchester and Leeds. Hello Flamingo January 2019

Cambodian inspired poly carved panel- Phileas Fogg’s Wold of adventures Brighton (Giant escape room experience)

Craftwork projects June-August 2018

Cambodian poly carved ‘stone’ head

I assisted with hot wiring the large poly outline shape of the head. I also helped sanding and weathering the the individual ‘stone’ blocks. Using a soldering iron I created the detail on the head and defined the stones. Craftwork Projects. June-August 2018

Poly carved trees

8 Ft carved Polystyrene trees. Craftwork Projects. June-August 2018


Prison cell walls

I carved graffiti in the the walls of the prison cells created with (plaster and paint effects) these included initials, names and small drawings. Craftwork Projects June-August 2018

Paint effects for BBC television series ‘Ghosts’

Methylated sprits, button polish and paint were used to achieve these these ripped and aged wall pieces in a grade one listed stately home that needed to be returned to its original state at the of filming

Visual merchandising 2018-2019

The dark crystal; puppet designed to fit in to the world of The Dark Crystal


The puppet I designed included three different movements controlled from inside the head. To ensure my creature fit in to the Dark crystal world, I considered the materials that were the most appropriate. Puppet designed and fabricated, pattern making skills used for head shape and legs. Feet moulded and casted in latex. Movable eye, ears and legs.

Egyptian themes escape room-Cryptic Escape Norwich

I worked on an exterior project for a client who ran a escape room business, for this egyptian escape room I polycarved an Anubis, we had to consider the different materials used for public safety and to be durable for use.  I also designed, moulded and cast 200 gold coins for set dressing the room.